A birthday party dessert table

I want to share this post because it’s special in so many ways.


Not only did I get to spend a day baking again, something I haven’t done in ages, (because I have become very diligent about my food allergies, as well as my health and fitness routine), but I got to bake for one of the most treasured people in my life, my partners daughter Roxy.  Hence, the giant R.  This family I am a part of has filled my heart and my life in ways I could not even have dreamt of.


Roxy trusted me entirely to throw a birthday brunch for her and about 20 of her friends, and being the complete control crazy, party organizing planner I am, I was embracing every aspect and completely in my element!

The theme was yellow with a hint of green, given it was a day-time event, and Roxy is just a true ray of sunshine in our lives, the color was completely appropriate for this happy occasion, and happy soul we were celebrating.

In terms of catering, we had a great variety of different cheeses, cold meats, fruit, accompaniments, jams, dips, crudites, snacks, lots of carbs, and of course, lots of bubbly!!

DSC_2697 DSC_2698  DSC_2702

Of course, my favorite part (in fact everyone’s), was the dessert table.  All home-baked, made up of chocolate chip sugar cookies, white chocolate rocky road loaded with goodies, and a three layer lemon curd cake, accompanied by lemon curd cupcakes.  We also had some sweets and treats on the side, and everyone got to take home a candy bag of goodies, as well as a box of baked faves.  Needless to say, there was a mere single cupcake, and a couple of slices of cake left for my guy to enjoy.

DSC_2687 DSC_2690 DSC_2694 DSC_2695

I had such fun doing this event, especially because I got to put so much love into it.  Doing things yourself, IF you have the time, is always so much more rewarding, I highly recommend you try it if you get the opportunity.  Key is to be well organised and prepared in advance, and then to have a lot of fun with it!

Until next time…

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